Big Questions, WTTW Chicago

Emmy Award winner (Public/Current Affairs - Series), 2015

[Producer, Camera]

Big Questions is a documentary series aired on Chicago public television (WTTW/WNIT).

Featuring episodic case studies, the series travels to Bangladesh, Tanzania, and the Syrian border to explore poverty and highlights domestic issues like recidivism and wage theft.


El País Semanal, Madrid

[Camera, Editor]

Behind the scenes of editorial features including photo essays and cover stories; in cooperation with James Rajotte.




My Name is Ronald Davis

[Co-director, Editor, Camera]

Featured on RedditHuffington Post and Gawker

Ronald Davis was living on the streets of Chicago in 2008. An edited version of this video garnered 3 million views on the front page of social media in 2013. People began to look for Ronald. His story inspired fundraising and discussion, but he was overwhelmed with attention.

He disappeared back into the anonymity of the city.



The Super Bore

[Writer, Producer, Editor]

A sharable video about the Super Bowl; hosted by NewsCult







The Blood Stripe

[BTS/EPK Camera, Editor]

Excerpts from behind the scenes of the independent feature film The Blood Stripe, filmed on location at Camp Vermilion, MN. Taken from the DVD featurette produced for Camp Vermilion.




[Writer, Director, Producer]

An American teacher meets a Spanish ballet dancer and they attempt to overcome language and cultural differences to understand each other. (Trailer)



[Camera, Editor]



[Camera, Editor]

Excerpts from Galata by Cristane Azem and promotional material for Myriam Soler.